I will print out my OWN passport out of my computer...
RAS D : Yes Mickey, you are the REBEL-RADIO MAN. Tell us, what does REBEL-RADIO exactly mean ? Is it a sound system, is it a radio or is it a studio ?
KODAK : REBEL-RADIO is standing for information, that means, that through the whole REBEL-RADIO organization I try to bring some informations about reggae music to the people. First it was like a pirate station inna England, there was DJ called Lepke and he allowed me to make Vienna REBEL-RADIO tribe, which I made quite early, in 1979.
The plan was to bring pure, 100 % reggae music to the people. All the tings started to get dynamic later, and it was like REBEL-RADIO was promoting music for years and years and people liked it, and some of them say oooh REBEL u are the first, u are the king, blah, blah blah...ha, ha, ha...
I just wanted to make music, to bring some music, and to give some information about Jamaica. This was the first try-out from REBEL-RADIO, just to inform the people.
RAS D : How many times did you visit Jamaica ?
KODAK : I`ve been in Jamaica , I think, about 17 times. And I`ve always been in Kingston. And when I first came to Kingston, it was like I was jumping out of the bus and being in Kingston.And for me it was very familiar, the only ting it was very hot, but it was like all the records told me, because I was listening to reggae music about 10 years before I went there.For me it was 10 years foundation, I was listening to all the records and when I came to Kingston I knew everything about it. Everything they were telling in theese records I`ve had in my head. And so, when I was talking to the people, they were wondering why I knew all these ghetto runnings and all this kingstonian style. And I even knew it better than people who live in Kingston. Because I really listen to the lyrics.
Some people in Jamaica, they don`t even listen to the lyrics, because they don`t like this music.They hear it on the radio, they hear it in the bus, if u are in Jamaica u have the bus transport and they play very loud music, they play IRIE FM, every school kid could hear the music, even if it is very slackness. But I think, that the elder people they don`t listen to lyrics, they just hear it as a music. So they say it`s reggae music, they don`t know about dancehall or ragga, they name everything reggae music.
When I go to Kingston, it was allways nice. And it was pleasure for me to meet the people and to talk to them and learn some street slang.
RAS D : Is it dangerous for white man to be there ?
KODAK : Yes, it is true, it is dangerous. It can be dangerous, but it can be also very familiar. It is dangerous if you show up in the adidas t shirt and you look like a German. It might be dangerous.
If you`re in downtown you make some friends and it will be ok. They will see, that you will be one of them, and you hang out on the street.
The only ting, you don`t have to go inna hurry. If you go inna hurry they ask you why you are inna hurry, because there`s no need to hurry. Everything will come in time.
It can be dangerous. I`ve been robbed 2 times, but it was my mistake, because I was going very late in the night somewhere and I wanted to go the short way so I go straight through the ghetto and not the tourist way. But it was ok, because next day I used the same way and they say ok, now u are familiar, u can go there. But the first day I had to give some of my goodies to the rude bwoyz , ha ha ha...
....dangerous...it belongs to how you feel. If you feel good, if you flex right, if you have positive mind, if you don`t smoke too much that you are confused, and if you are yourself then there will be less danger.
RAS D : What do you think about dancehall scene today ? Isn`t it a lot of violence there ?I`d like to speak about that incident on THE STING festival, where NINJAMAN was beaten by VYBZ KARTEL...
KODAK : Dancehall today ? It is differnet, because STING, SUMJAM and REBEL SALUT these festivals are all different. THE STING festival is really created to show the hype and the real hypness of dancehall. It shows top of top and it means war.STING festival is a musical war. Artists are fighting lyrically, it is a big lyrical clash...
BEENIE MAN wants to be the best, KARTEL wants to be the top and also NINJA... Ok, NINJA is a little bit out-dated, but still he`s the top. All of these artists have ups and downs. And I also think, that sometimes it is a game, or something like this, because this NINJAMAN and KARTEL fight, I think it has a symbolic character, because there are rumours that KARTEL is his son, and they say, that son is beating up the father for smoking crack and killing people and they say it`s really like a reality life-time comedy, where they show the people what can happen and what is not allowed. And Jamaicans like comedy a lot. They have it on TV all the time...
But if you go to the Ethiopian`s New Year concert, I`ve seen it, this one allways happens in march, because they have new year in march , and it is very nice. There are only cultured bands and there`s no violence and there will never be violence. If you search for a violence, you can find it in Jamaica, but it could be also very nice there.
RAS D : Tonight you are going to play with the selector KIKI RELOADER, but I know, that you used to play with OSS BOSS in the past...
KODAK : REBEL-RADIO is not directly a sound. REBEL-RADIO is something like information for the people. At the beginning I was selecting and it was nice and ok, but than I started to look for the best selectaz in Austria.And I am really proud to say that REBEL-RADIO is promoting the best DJs and the best rude bwoy styled selectaz brought out from Austria.
For example OSS BOSS was a rude bwoy in his beginning, but he was a very good selector, he is really good inna selecting and mixing, because he has a vibe for it. That`s why he was [ I think ] a 5 years selector for REBEL. Then he`s got bigga and bigga and made his own shop and own style and evrything.
The next selector was KIKI RELOADER, we were in Jamaica together. KIKI really felt the music, he was really involved inna music, it was not only like buying a records and listening. He was living this style. And also, he was a very good selector.
All of these selectaz still could be inna REBEL-RADIO crew right now and forever. It is just up to their own will, if they want to do it and for me if I want to pay them and say please come.I like all of them and I also like MIGHTY JUST he is the third one who select for me and he also select good, because he knows how to mix it and he makes very fine refixes. I was playing on SUMMERJAM with him. He was good, but not as good I like him to be.Next time I will go there alone and try to make a very very special set.I think it will be the great boom, I plan to go there dressed like the king with the crown, like in the old days... Maybe I`ll go there inna style like this and play some of my really favourites.
RAS D : You are celebrating your 25-th anniversary this year...
KODAK : Yes, I name it like this, the whole year is the 25-th anniversary celebration. Normally I should make a big tour and make it big, but I am not so for the big tings. I see that the reggae music changed, it`s going to be a sellout, I don`t like to make a reggae music anymore. It sounds strange, but if everybody jump on the bandwagon I will jump off.It is like with my dreadlocks. I` ve had my dreadlocks quite early, but when everyone have it I cut it off. I don`t like to be like everyone. I have to search for something new, for new way of reggae music and a new way of promotion.
Now I am messing up with that internet and trying to promote everything on the internet...
RAS D : Mickey, are you broadcasting on some radio now ?
KODAK : Nowadays it`s sad to say, we are not broadcasting, we are just selling the tapes, but I am looking forward to make a weekly internet broadcast. I`m planning to do this from august, because I like to do it.And what I like to do I want to do, and I will really do it.
I have a lot of old records at home which I like, I want to play them to the people. But I don`t want to play them inna fast remix, no no no no. I want to play them inna old REBEL-RADIO way, I`ll name the artist, I`ll name the label, I`ll name the record and producer and everything and I`ll play the record. I just have to check out how I`ll manage it with the web space. I am really looking forward to this, because they click me off from the official radio. They say, that I`m a killer and I kill battyman [ by the way I really do it, because I am a badman and I don`t care ,ha ha ha...] .
It`s hard to get some shows inna Austria, and I don`t even want to get shows inna Austria, because I don`t like austrian people. You can write it on your website KODAK DON`T LIKE AUSTRIAN PEOPLE, ha ha..
I don`t know what is going on with them. I am also an Austrian, but I am not sure, I don`t think that I`m an Austrian. No. I will give them back my passport, ha ha ha...I will print out my OWN passport out of my computer, ha ha ha...